Four Roses Discontinues Single Barrel LE

Single Barrel Limited Edition Dropped

Four Roses announce that they will not releases their Single Barrel Limited Edition (SBLE) in 2015 (an indefinitely). This was originally reported by Fred Minnick on his blog and  is now making its way around the bourbonsphere. In a release Four Roses names “bourbon shortages” as their reason for cancelling the release. The SBLE was first released in 2008 to celebrate 120th anniversary of Four Roses. Check out the list of all of the Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition  mash bills by year.

Due to inventory concerns over aged stock, and to continue to provide the highest quality products, beginning in 2015, Four Roses Distillery will be selecting and bottling their Limited Edition Single Barrel product for special commemorative bottling occasions only. We will, however, continue to produce and bottle our Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon each year in the fall.


While this is another strike on the “Great Bourbon Shortage” hit list, to me, it’s not that big of a loss. Not because I dislike Four Rose but because I’m a huge fan of their private barrel program. Last week I include Four Roses private barrels in my 5 Most Underrated Bourbons list and they’re the reason I’ve lost some interest in the SBLE. Last week I saw a private barrel bottle of OESF on a store shelf for $45. That’s the same mash bill as the 2014  SBLE but about 1 year younger and half the price.

While it is a little disappointing to lose one of the most reliable spring releases I have no doubt that Four Roses will continue to release great bourbon. In the meantime, I’ll be drinking several different private barrelings I’ve stored away.




    This is just going to make finding the most recent release very difficult. I have ’12 and ’13. Plenty of Four Roses Single Barrel on my shelves around here so I’ll just keep my daily drinker at that.

    My local liquor store just received a great selection of bourbons, including 4 bottles (that I saw) of the 2014 single barrel LE. I’ve never tried any of the four roses, and I think it was $39 a bottle, should I snatch one or a couple of these up before they’re gone?

    Judging by some of the reply’s, the comments suggest people don’t know what the Single Barrel Limited Edition is. There is no way it is selling for $39 or just on the shelf of the local packy, this has always been allocated and expensive.

    Blake, you should post a photo of the bottle to help clarify.

    I run a retail store in GA and am on my 7th selected single barrel (100proof) of four roses. They are also discontinuing these barrel selections and the only barrels that I can have bottled for my store will be the barrel proof offerings. While these are great, the 100 proof offerings are $32.99 while the barrel proof, of which I currently have two different recipes, run $54.99. The 100 proof Four Roses Single Barrel is priced as an everyday drinker and will be missed. Come back soon……

    Jason, where are you at? I try to find stores who do private barrels with the same mashbills as the Limited Editions. I got lucky with a Sherlocks last year. If you have any of those with those mashbills, I am in Atlanta and would love to start shopping there. I have two stores I kind of keep in business (through my alcoholism of course), currently, but I’m always looking for good people.

    I’m about to have to drop one of my stores because last year he got greedy and changed his Pappy Van Winkle from a first come, to a list, to a lottery, then lottery only for the younger ones and a blind auction for the 20 and 23 years. Then he tried to sell the remaining 10 and 12 year for $650 and $800. So I’ve kinda decided to walk away from that.

    Sorry for the late reply. I am on 400 just south of Dawsonville, Dawson Fine Wine & Spirits. . Please come in an see me, I would love to show you around. I normally have 10-15 private barrels, Jefferson Ocean, /reserve, woodford double oaked, evan single barrel, buffalo trace, several four rose’s etc.

    To the sad specimen of a man called Michael who left a message and referred to a shop keeper as Packy you not only ignorant but stupid as the same time as not all Asians are “Packy”,and even if they were what gives you the right to use such labels. If you are going to use such derogatory names to reference a person then at least do your homework. You are no better than the so called nutters who call themselves KK clan .May I suggest to you and your fellow ignorant drinkers that you spend money on a book educating yourself on a world, planet and cultures we live in and get out your insulated country that 80%have never step outside of instead of bottles of whisky that you don’t even understand.
    Shame on bourbonr for allowing such racist comments on his blog

    Consider it ignorance on my part but is “packy” a racial slur? I assumed it was some kind of slang for “package store” which is what liquor stores are called in some states.

    I know it’s easy to jump in the comments section on a pedestal and throw the “shame” card. But, if you follow the blog you would know that racial slur comments aren’t acceptable and aren’t tolerated.

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