2014 BTAC Release Map

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Map

*Please Read: Each state is highlighted once one bottle is reported. Generally, that means that store, and a lot of times that city, is already sold out. This map isn’t an official release tracker from Buffalo Trace but a network of bourbon drinkers looking to help each other. Stores are dealing with smaller allocations and greatly increased demand. Please be understanding of this fact. Happy Hunting!*

When will the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection be released? Follow this blog post to find out. With the release of the 2014 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (BTAC) Bourbonr’s across the country are rejoicing!

Complete BTAC stats

Release Dates:

9/19-9/21 – First released Maryland

9/23 – Wisconsin is second to the BTAC party

9/24 – Kansas

9/26 – Two reports of BTAC in Southern Illinois.

9/30 – BTAC strikes off another midwest state. Michigan now has Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. Add West Virginia to the list

10/4 – Massachusetts (Attleboro for sure) now has BTAC.

10/7 – Kentucky (Louisville) is reporting BTAC

10/8 – Nebraska and California released Buffalo Trace Antique Collection today

10/9 – BTAC in North Carolina and Iowa

10/10 Arizona, Georgia & Nevada

10/15 Northen IL (Chicagoland) and now Washington DC

10/16 Mississippi (small allocation)

10/18 – BTAC is in East Tennessee and Indiana

10/21 – BTAC has arrived in Missouri and Delaware

10/22 – Pennsylvania Online only. North Dakota

10/23 – BTAC has hit Minnesota

10/24 – Florida has Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

10/27 – West Tennessee (Nashville)

10/28 – Virginia sees its first BTAC

10/31 – All my exes and Buffalo Trace Antique Collection  are now in Texas

11/1 – Wyoming

11/3 – South Carolina has BTAC

11/11 – BTAC is in Ohio

11/13 – BTAC released in Alabama with Pappy

11/14 – New Jersey sees its first bottles of BTAC. BTAC in South Dakota

11/15 – Big release day. BTAC in Colorado, Washington and Oregon

12/3 – BTAC spotted in Louisiana

12/5 – Connecticut gets BTAC

12/23 – Buffalo Trace Antique Collection has been found in Utah

12/29 – BTAC and NYC and will probably be in the rest of the state by next week

2014 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Map

If you know of any other states please email me at Blake@bourbonr.com. Also, send me your pictures of the 2014 BTAC release and I will add them to this post.

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    It got released to both total wines, towson and laurel, and someone came in and snatched up like all 50 bottles at Laurel. So frustrating the people who re-sell.

    If that’s true I’m calling and writing Total Wine and making sure they know they have lost my business forever. Nobody should be allowed to buy a entire superstore’s allocation. It’s cleary a friend of someone who works there and they are collaborating to steal the pubic’s chance at a retail bottle. I think BT should make sure this location gets none next year.

    It’s not BT, its mainly the competency of the distributors near you for which the product getting in your depends. They always have it here; a local store got a couple bottles from last year just the other day.

    Also, more and more retailers are either doing lotteries, email lists or just not selling it at all. That means your favorite BTAC bottle may be yours, if you ‘win’ the opportunity to buy it…..6 months from the ‘release.’

    I’m trying to find out which bottles that they are selling and at what store i live on the west coast ans we never get any new stuff please help thanks

    Keep in mind that not all BevMo locations are created equally. I was told yesterday (by BevMo employees) that only a couple of locations per their internal “districts” get allocations of limited release bottles. They claim they don’t know exactly which stores will get the BTAC or Pappy this year, or when – but suggested that the locations that got them in previous years aren’t guaranteed to get them this year.

    See above post. BTAC offered only at the administrative offices location over on 15-501 near the Super Target. Again, this based on what a store official told me yesterday afternoon, 10/9.

    Interesting to see that Maryland is a month earlier than last year. Picking a possible date or time frame based on last year probably isn’t worth if thinking about.

    Recommend removing the DC mention from the Maryland release date. The district typically operates on a different distribution schedule than Maryland or Virginia. It would be very helpful if you could track/announce DC as its own “state” for these types of calendars. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Yeah.. I talked to some distributors today. They haven’t arrived yet in GA. The distributors have gotten the releases but they haven’t been allocated out to the stores yet. It’s looking like 3-4 weeks for that.

    I did however find out of two others that are releasing in the next 1-3 weeks besides BTAC. So that’s something to look forward to.

    Do you have any information about where that showed up in KS? I have an in with a store in MO but if I don’t have to wait, I’ll try to snag some in KS early (assuming it is in the KC metro).

    Lukas Liquor in Overland Park is terrible. I’ve been there on the day limited releases have been delivered and the manager has already set aside the stuff for his buddies. It never even hits the shelves. I don’t mind it when they reward loyal patrons but I don’t think that is the case here. I don’t spend my money there anymore.

    I called and was told if you weren’t on “the list” you wouldn’t get any. They do have a clipboard you can write down what you want to be called about if it comes in and you’re up. Some people just write “any limited release” or “any Pappy”. It’s frustrating the way they handle it.

    Yeah. I confirmed that as well after I posted my comment. My apologies for my negative comments about Lukas Liquor in Overland Park. I just find it odd that the many times I asked about limited releases, not one employee mentioned a wait list.

    I made it down to Edwardsville Thursday and at 4:30 they had already sold all of it. Didn’t ask what/how much they got in, but it was definitely there for a short time.

    Whoa, sorry, just now saw this reply. Bin 51. I don’t know of any other shops in the area that get it other than Randall’s.

    Discouraging news from BevMo in Southern California. I spoke to a manager today, she told me no BTAC or Van Winkle will be sold in the open starting this year. Because of people putting their names on multiple waiting lists, now only Club Bev members with a whisky purchase history will be offered both via email. She said this will be the policy at all stores. This info is only from one store.

    For larger retailers, that doesn’t seem like a bad policy to me. They should prioritize the customers that actually shop there regularly and I like the idea that they go even further and confirm whiskey purchase history. It helps reduce the cherry-pickers and flippers.

    Did she give you any idea what a “whisky purchase history” consists of? Like, how much you would have to spend to be eligible? Sad news indeed, and it would explain why the Nor Cal BevMo people told me they had no idea if they were getting BTAC in store.

    I actually like that policy. There’s several chain stores I buy a lot of bourbon from. Why should some guy that gets lucky or is only hunting for Pappy get the bottles instead of a loyal customer/bourbon drinker. Just my 2 cents

    I just returned this morning from a trip to Nebraska and the owner of one of the liquor stores that I visited said most likely late October, early November. I can only go by what he said.

    I have talked to a half dozen West Virginia liquor stores. They all received their allocations, and none had any available outside of their “waiting lists”.

    Ohio is a really weird state when it comes to alcohol sales. They didn’t get much, if any, and most of it probably went to bars and restaurants.

    Seriously Ohio sucks due to all liquor agents being state run. Yes prices are great but we never get anything “rare” or limited. Please don’t rub it in.

    If you aren’t a loyal customer at a store that holds liquor accounts for a resturants/ bars that moves a lot of bourbon your pretty much out of luck. Last year the only amount of pappy that made it to store shelves in cleveland were a few bottles of lot b

    So, what’s the latest on FL? Blake, you heard anything up where you are? I haven’t seen anything in Tampa besides the ones that have some hoarded from last year and selling at an inflated price. Last I heard was later this month or early early next.


    Hey Blake,
    Not sure if it’s the same up near you, but spoke with the manager at TotalWine Tampa, and they said they got a memo from corporate stating that they may not receive any BTAC or Pappy this year. Still checking and haven’t seen any yet, so hope this isn’t true.

    I take what TW says with a grain of salt. I don’t think they purposefully lie but I’ve been given misinformation on multiple occasions by them

    Called all 10 liquor stores in Milwaukee area that BT said has previously stocked BTAC. Not a single one has received any per the reps I talked to yesterday. Anybody have insight on the WI release?

    The only stores that have received any are in Madison and all they got was Stagg by accident. The rest will arrive last week of the month(ish).

    Email went out 9am on Friday saying that they had 306 bottles and 1000 people on the email list. Wanted you to reply with what you wanted in order of preference. I haven’t heard back one way or another yet. Trying to figure out if that means I simply “didn’t win” or if nobody has received a response yet?

    I received an email from Montgomerty County, MD yesterday that one of the bottles I requested (Thomas Handy) would be available at my preferred location. It’s one bottle per customer on the list, if you respond quickly enough, but last year there was a supplemental release in January, so I was able to get two bottles total.

    I was told yesterday at my preferred store that BTAC will be available the third week of October and that PVW will be available the third week of November in Kentucky. Said store always sells me the allocated bourbons I want and has no reason to not be truthful about this information.

    What area of Kentucky are you in? None of my local retailers have a definite date yet or atleast announcing such. I’m trying to decide what day I need to have off from work…

    I am in Louisville. No exact date was given they just said the third week. Most stores will tell you when they get their deliveries and that’s all the information you should need! The two locally owned stores I shop at will hold one bottle of anything I want, its worth building relationships because these locally owned stores are happy to sell the good stuff to people that help keep them in business 365 and not just on a few select days. Find a good store and spend all of your liquor dollars there, it paid off for me! I wish Blake would write a post about this type of relationship that helps both stores and bourbonr’s!

    Thanks, Yea I have a decent realtionship with a store owner around here, I believe you all get allocations a day before we do here. Really hoping to get a bottle of Stagg Weller and or Handy this year but i think the WLW will be tough to find. Good Luck this year

    Stag has shown up in Topeka, KS. I was not fortunately able to get a bottle or even see them but two reliable sources varied that Devlins and mcNeeve bother received 2 bottles and 1 bottle respectively.

    Looks like all of the Total Wines in the Phoenix metropolitan area released their allotment on 10-10. It was 1 per customer and I was able to pick up an Eagle Rare 17. All I had to do was call them and ask if they had any of the BTAC in stock. Kudos to Total Wine for making them available to the general public.

    Is is possible these were 2013 bottles? I have not heard of anywhere else in MA yet and its the 17th. Then again, this stuff could all be private release etc… and not hitting shelves and not being put on facebook, so who knows!

    Yankee doesn’t have it yet, some place named Chris something had George t and handy but are out. Rhode Island looks like it will have it in 2 to 3 weeks.

    BTAC definitely starting to come out in MA. Some stores seem to think it will be a few more weeks but it was in Attleboro and I can confirm getting a bottle of Handy in Woburn. They had the Stagg and Handy since Friday and are of course all out of the 6 bottles they got. Not sure why some places are getting a jump on it as it usually rolls out later in MA.

    Just picked George T Stagg here in Louisville. The store had 57 bottles. 1 case Thomas Handy, 2 cases ER 17 and the rest GTS. They sold out in about 10 minutes.

    I’m in Louisville and was able to get WLW and GTS today. I was told Springhurst didn’t get theirs today, but might see it Friday. Hope this helps.

    I got a call from a manager at a local store who told me no one in my area would receive ant BTAC this year let’s pray that’s not true as Thursday is usually the day!

    Anyone know how/if the BTAC release coincides with the Single Oak Project release?
    I put my name in at my local store here in CO, and they called to tell me the SOP stuff was in, but no word on the BTAC. That was about 2 weeks ago.

    Milwaukee stores suck. I’ve yet to find a store where the staff doesn’t look at me sideways when I ask about BTAC let alone WLW, Stagg, Sazerac 18, ER17, or THH.

    Discount Liqour on Oklahoma got their allocation. They jacked up the price to $129.99 for each bottle. The only one they had as of yesterday was Stagg.
    AS a very loyal customer of DL I was a little distressed they are bilking loyal customers for $50 over suggested retail.

    Anyone heard any news on Colorado? Or know any places in CO to snag some this year? All I’ve been told from just about every store in state is we dont know when we are getting and its basically gone the second it comes in, and we dont even tell anyone.

    I got a bottle of Pappy last year at a small store way up north. I think that might be the best bet on the BTAC. Small stores outside of town.
    Tipsy’s, Applejack, Argonaut etc will get more bottles, but just too damn many people pounding down their door.

    Did TPS do an advertised release like previous years or did they just put it out on the shelf? Just curious because I didn’t get any alerts from them. Thanks!

    If your not on the wait list at beverage warehouse in ca don’t bother. Guy told me everything is going to those on the list.

    Any spottings in NC to confirm the recent map update?

    I’m hoping to find some in the Charlotte area (although the ABC stores are run by the state here, so who knows whats going to happen)

    Durham, NC, has received its allotment, though the folks at the main administrative ABC store were squirrely when asked whether it had been received. They said “no”, though I could tell they were hedging. A store manager at a different location told me, in fact, that Durham County had received the BTAC and that there was a “list” though they only “advertise” the list when you go into a random store and ask. Long story short: no bottles are hitting the shelves at the store locations. The main administrative office is said to keep them under lock and key and only distributes to folks who are on the “list.” So, if you are on the list, keep your fingers crossed for a phone call. I suspect Chapel Hill will be getting some bottles soon, too, and again, they have a “list.”

    Definitely hit Iowa. Multiple people from Iowa selling them on secondary markets including one selling one of each for $800 starting bid and currently at $1100+. Bummer

    Spoke to our BT rep yesterday here in colorado. They think early to mid November before we see BTAC and that we might see that and pappy at the same time

    I received and email two days ago from Bevmo asking me if I’d like “a chance” to get a bottle. Luckily I was at my desk and replied in about a minute (I request the Sazerac 18 (first choice) and several others). Just got an email today saying that I didn’t get a bottle! Must have been quite a few folks sitting around waiting to respond!!

    I’m in Georgia and my Total Wine guy said they got 6 bottles of the BTAC Weller in on Tuesday and it was gone before it was out of the box!

    I haven’t seen any in Charlotte yet… but I also haven’t talked to Anyone at a store that knows what I’m talking about.

    Not to confuse any one in the Raleigh area….yes you have to be on a list and the bottles are not on shelves. If you are on a list start calling Raleigh locations where you have your name down. They are at stores & available just start ringing your contacts.

    Total in PHX got them in too. Camelback got three bottles and sold out instantly. Total on north Tatum got 6 bottles and had two left of THH at approx 6:30pm tonight. One per person.

    I checked Bevmo and AJ’s here in Tucson, they did not receive any. Couple smaller local shops and they also did not get any. You had to go to the Total Wine stores if you wanted to get a bottle.

    I find it extremely frustrating that by the time it is on this map, we are already too late. Any tips or heads up would be much better than telling us it hit the shelves and will be gone in 5 minutes

    The maps is the heads up. Tips, would be to find out what store got it last year and then once the map lights up I’d call every store. Would it be easier if I just told you about the store before they sold it?

    Are you kidding me??? Blake is doing all of this work…for free…to help you…a guy he’s never met… and all you can do is complain. I hope you find a bottle of whatever you’re looking for, trip on the way out the door and have it smash in front of you.

    Looking for some Pappy. Anyone know the release in Illinois or Wisconsin? Any key stores I should keep in mind? I see the ones on the PVW website. Need to start calling ASAP onMonday!

    Hi Blake: Thanks for this resource, its excellent. Other than the bevmo email, has anyone actually seen BTAC in California? I don’t think its out yet, the bevmo email is all i have heard.

    I was lucky enough to get allocated a bottle of Eagle Rare 17 from Montgomery County Maryland, which I picked up last Monday! They got 306 bottles, but that included Colonel E H Taylor Barrel Strength (not a member of the BTAC). I am also, looking forward to this BTAC and Pappy raffle that is happening mid November at a local liquor store who gets pretty much all the rare stuff (surprised they didn’t get Sazerac 18 in their BTAC allocation), which means Pappy drops in the non Montgomery County parts of Maryland in the next month!

    Which raffle are you a part of, Van? I was under the impression that most of the BTAC and PVW in Maryland (non-Montgomery County) went to Total Wine.

    For California, specifically in la, beverage warehouse said they only got 3 bottles of each and they are going to people on the wait list. The only exception seemed to be the Thomas handy, which the guy thinks he got a few more of those. Feel free to give it a shot, but you might want to call first.

    For all of you who buy the heck out of this stuff just to sell for profit – perhaps you should consider finding a real job. If you need extra cash due to your full time job not paying enough, perhaps you should consider finding a legit part-time job somewhere. Just happened to search around Craigslist this morning, it’s outstanding how many bottles are on there already. For me, the past 3 years have been a blast getting into bourbon/rye. It’s sad that I can notice the difference from 2014 to 2011 in how difficult it is to get some of this stuff due to the vulchers out there. Anyone with me – I raise my glass and cheers to you!

    Definitely agree with you… although I bet 75% of what’s popping up online right now isn’t real/legit. It’s probably scammers and other people with too much free time on their hands.

    Looking for rare bourbons used to be fun… now it’s just kind of frustrating.

    Anymore news on the Iowa release? The first website was helpful (North Liberty, IA) but of course the two bottles sold immediately.

    Drew, I agree. I had a sazerac18 4 years ago, and it changed the way I look at whiskey. Since then, I have tried so hard to get my hands on just one bottle. It’s f#*#ing impossible. And it makes it so much worse that I keep seeing bottles being sold after market for 200-400 bucks. I don’t want to offend anyone with sensitive ears, but those people can go f### themselves. They’ve taken all of the fun out it.

    I agree, flippers can go f&*( themselves. However, if no one bought from them they’d go away – don’t buy from them. For that matter, don’t buy from stores charging $500 for Stagg either.

    The really ridiculous part about it is that the flippers have to work just as hard as everyone else to get bottles (which is to say, really hard). I’ve been joking with my wife that I’m working harder than crazy parents at the holidays trying to get the hottest new toy. So after all that they might make a few hundred dollars? Wow, how much is their time worth?

    And don’t worry, nobody is buying this stuff for $500. There’s a reason that there’s a liquor store in DC that has the entire 2013 BTAC and the entire Pappy lineup just sitting there.

    Idk about no one buying it at those prices – I’ve seen several websites sold out of BTAC when they were charging secondary market prices…some places though yeah, it just sits.

    I started my hunt in LA weeks ago have not seen BTAC yet, but today a place up in Glendale said they had it at their Pasadena warehouse. $400 each!! Another place in Redondo Beach told me they wouldn’t have any in till January, but that conflicts with what Buffalo Trace told me via email (i.e. it’s out now).

    Yeah la has been impossible. I was trying to get my dad in ri to check places, bit I’m close to giving up. I say if anyone sees a ridiculous posting on Craigslist, flag it. They dont deserve to sell it.

    Andrew, I share your frustration and am infuriated by how impossible it is to find a single bottle of anything the last couples years, but your statement is flat ridiculous. I’d bet it’s just an emotional outburst. Being pissed about not scoring a retail priced bottle and unwilling to pay a “higher” price doesn’t mean others feel the same. If I post a bottle for sale at some insanely high price and some rich moron wants to over pay for it, then so be it. It doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to sell my bottle. It just means someone out there has more money they are willing to spend than you are. Capitalism and supply and demand in its purest form my friend. It sucks and I hate it, but that’s just the reality of it.
    Blake, you are the man!

    Thanks, Mark!

    I agree that flippers are a problem but I think they’re a much smaller % than guys make them out to be. There’s tons of new bourbon drinkers all hunting the same bottles. A lot of these aren’t flippers but weren’t buying these bottles a couple years ago either.

    I guess everyone needs an enemy and for the bourbon drinker that is the mysterious flipper that has inside information and cleans shelves while the rest of us “drinkers” are left with nothing.

    You know this one time I went to get tickets to the Wiggles and then was told I couldn’t go because the show was sold out. What an outrage! It’s the Wiggles people. Needless to say, when I demanded that they Wiggle themselves a little more they refused claiming that their is only some much room for their wiggle. I cried to the mayor of my city and he told me it would take 10-15 years to increase the capacity of the stadium the Wiggles preformed at due to fundraising and construction mumbo-jumbo. Eitherway, I sit here complaining because it cost me $215 on StubHub to go to see the Wiggles live. Thank god I don’t have a kid and it was just me wanting to see the Wiggles otherwise I would of had to riot.

    BTW did you know that it is $700+ for standing room only tickets to the ALCS?!?!?!? Blasphemy! Go Royals!

    I’ve heard from two different store owners in South Carolina, that they’re not expecting BTAC until mid-to-late November… Last year they were one of the first, and I guess they’re one of the last this year.

    Yeah I got a real nice haul from DC. I’d already gotten a Stagg from Montgomery County and got another Stagg (which is going to a friend), a Handy, Eagle Rare 17 and Sazerac 18. The only elusive one was the Weller!

    Calvert Woodley got some Weller, but nothing else from BTAC apparently. Its sold out, obviously. They did get a bunch of Elmer T Lee, Col EH Taylor, Stagg Jr, too. I focused my search on the Conn Ave NW corredor…most places are sold out now. I was told the distribution is done by the sales rep not by the truck, so it could be doled out over the course of a few days. Good luck.

    Did anyone get Sazerac 18 in Chicagoland? I was able to get a bottle of Stagg, which I’m very happy about. However, I really wanted the Sazerac, and not a single place I spoke to got them in.

    Saw everything but Sazerac 18 yesterday as well. Very limited Weller at the stores!!! A few ER17 and a few more of the Stagg and Handy.

    Curious where you Chicago folks actually saw or even purchased bottles of BTAC. Every store I called basically laughed in my face.

    I was in a drawing at a Binnys for Sazerac 18 year old Rye. I got lucky. They got in 3 bottles. They had 18 bottles of the BTAC to raffle.

    Got a bottle of Stagg from Chicagoland, but struck out on Weller, which is the BTAC I prefer. Have an old unopened bottle of Stagg (2011/142.6 proof) if anyone has an extra of this year’s Weller to trade.

    BTAC has come and gone quickly in Jackson, MS. Even smaller allocation than last year. Most of it went to restaurants and wholesale accounts from what I’ve heard.

    Calvert Woodley Never put their bottles out. They went to frequent customers. I’m in there 3 times a week. Jesse where have you gotten your bottles from so I don’t hit the stores up? Thanks

    The Calvert Woodley thing was totally weird. I got a bunch of strange answers from them and I was pretty sure they never put the bottles out. But the fact that they got three Wellers (supposedly) but nothing else is the strangest part. Everywhere else got no Weller but that’s all they got? Not everyone I talked to totally believed that story. One liquor rep I spoke with said there were 21 Wellers for all of DC but of course he wouldn’t tell me where they went.

    I put a pretty serious amount of time and effort into “the hunt” so I don’t want to say too much about what worked and what didn’t for me. I mean, I want to get this stuff again next year ya know? I’ll say that last year I got nothing because I didn’t even know about MoCo and I sat on one store in DC that promised it to me, then screwed me. The only thing I got from being on a list was the Handy, all the rest were just hard work. It’s mostly a right place/right time thing.

    I picked up a bottle of Sazerac 18 from being on the list at a store in Upper NW DC. This is a good store, and it sounded like the store only got ten bottles or so total (no Weller) and only one Sazerac 18.

    So I was able to pick up a bottle of Handy in Woburn, MA the other week as I stated in an earlier post. I am not sure if this is the same case as in Attleboro but on further review this Handy is from 2013, as I also assume the Stagg they had in stock was as well. The story floating around is that when Top Chef was filming here recently they got some Stagg and Handy from 2013 and the excess was allocated to some local liquor stores that did not receive any BTAC last fall. On closer examination of my bottle and proof it was from 2013 but the liquor stores did just get it in the other week, it wasn’t sitting on their shelves all year. So MA may have to be crossed off the release list because I have friends who work as liquor reps and have called many liquor stores, including ones that regularly get BTAC, and nobody has it yet. I did not get a bottle from Attleboro though, although I know from calling their store that they had it, so I cannot speak to the year of their bottles.

    If anyone is desperate enough, as of yesterday 10/15, Circle Wine and Liquor in DC had 2 Staggs, 2 Handys and one each of Eagle Rare and Sazerac. However, they’re asking a ridiculous $250 each.

    I’m in Virginia, we are surrounded by States with BTAC but none here yet…….oh well I’m on a few lists but I’m not expecting to get anything anyway. If I do I will be pleasantly surprised.

    Just a suggestion…be wary of people saying stores are sold out of BTAC especially if you’re a regular of the store mentioned. BTAC and Pappy are an absolute headache for liquor stores. Many liquor store employees, managers, and owners will lie to walk ins and people they don’t recognize. I don’t blame them for this; however, I would prefer that they be straightforward about their policy of reserving highly allocated items to preferred customers.

    Anyone able to clarify on where they found BTAC in East TN? I went to every liquor store in Knoxville and Crossville today with no luck.

    Texas Update:
    Nothing yet at Spec’s in TX. Stopped in Temple store and asked them to check all stores inventory. Nothing.
    Lewisville Total Wine & More – nothing yet. System said next available date as Nov 1.

    Is 10/04 in Attleboro, MA correct info? Because it’s been two and a half weeks since then and it hasn’t appeared anywhere else.

    Something very weird is going on in MA, if 2014 bottles did show up in a few places. The places that got it aren’t big Bourbon or BT shops. I’ve been all over Metrowest Boston, and liquor buyers at small, medium, and major stores are still waiting for their allotments.

    I’ve called quite a few places north of Boston as well that say they haven’t received their allotments. They know their wholesalers got them however

    For some reason 2014 Stagg and 2014 handy came out in MA, perhaps not entirely intentional. The distributor supposedly plans to release the rest of the bottles at the same time as pappy release. Not sure if there will be more Stagg and handy or if all the 2014 Stagg and handy were already released.

    do you know any specific stores? I went to about 20 of them north of boston and no one had anything/knew what i was talking about

    4 of the 5 BTAC offerings were released in Pennsylvania today (online sales only. The only one I’m not seeing is the William Larue Weller.

    I “bought” a Stagg but it says “payment approval pending.” That made me nervous today cause my card is fine. I contacted them and they said this amount of time is normal and just check tomorrow or beyond. Still nervous.

    I was lucky to grab a Stagg on line. I hope my purchase holds and gets to the store I asked to have it sent to. I hate on line purchases. Holding back my glee for now.

    No email for me and none of my friends/family got one either. Good Game PLCB! Right after I said to my dad that it was somewhat nice to have fair sales/prices because of our state store system, as opposed to places with no purchase limits and price gouging privately owned stores.

    It figures that the first time in the 2 years since I became a bourbon aficionado that my schedule would have allowed me to get some BTAC and the PLCB decides to break precedent…the irony…

    I didn’t get an e-mail either. I just happened to look … I could put everything in my cart, but it told me “quantity available is zero” for everything but Stagg when I tried to check out.

    Blake, my father picked me up a couple of bottles in Montana on October 2, it may have hit there earlier. It seems to have been a very small allocation.

    I just moved to Billings, MT. I am from KY where, like most places, it is near impossible to come by these bottles. I am hoping for better luck here where less people are searching. Would you mind sharing where your father found his bottles last year? Finding some would be an amazing birthday present (9/20). Thanks!

    WTF happened in PA with the release?? The last 2 years they sent out a damn email alert (which I was anxiously awaiting) when it was available…this year, I got nothing.

    Can anybody shed some light on this for me? Did others get the email and for some reason I didn’t?


    Did anyone get an email from PA about the BTAC going on sale this morning. I’m on their email list, but did not get an email. I saw it on twitter too lat to buy.

    No email here either. I get them for crap like Rhetoric that they cant give away but not for BTAC. I’ve big a huge defender of the PLCB for years but this really pisses me off. I sent some email inquiries to LCB to see if this was a new policy or a mistake, but no response from H’burg yet.

    I love how I got an email from them this afternoon with a bunch of wines and JP Wiser Canadian Rye, so apparently their system is working just fine, which makes what happened even more suspicious to me.

    As of this moment at 1pm Cape Wine and Liqours in Lewes delaware has 3 GTS, 3 ER17, and 1 Handy but they are $199 each. I bought the only WLW cause I’m a sucker.

    Just called Cape Wine – very nice man answered the phone and advised that they’ve got 3 GTS, 2, ER17, and 1 Handy right now (2:42 pm ET). But they don’t ship out of state. 🙁

    Does anyone know how Virginia ABC handles it releases of BTAC and PVW? A waiting list? I see that PVW has already arrived there, but it looks like the BTAC has not.

    Its already out!

    Just kidding. But now that you’ve already driven halfway to the liquor store, why not just buy yourself some delicious RAIN VODKA. you know their slogan:

    Rain Vodka – you have to buy a bunch of it to get any allocation of good BT products in New Jersey

    I know it’s not out in NJ cause Blake hasn’t told me it’s out. Plus the shops I go to everyday haven’t shown it…that is if they even will.

    VA ABC has a list for both BTAC and PVW. I have been told that they stopped taking names for PVW in 2012 and BTAC earlier this month. Apparently some ppl have been waiting on the list for years.

    Bottles are sent to the stores along with a list of names to call for pickup. If a person does not claim their reserved bottle, then the stores have been instructed to return that bottle to the dist. warehouse to be reassigned to the next name on the list.

    I think you have a chance to find a bottle of BTAC and or PVW if you make friends with a manager at a busy store that gets a lot of bottles allocated.

    I believe many VA ABC stores currently have Van Winkle Fam Reserce 12 and Pappy 20. I am told they have not received the Old Rip 10 nor Pappy 15 yr.

    No time frame for BTAC.

    Virginia had all products in the van Winkle line except the 23 year – did not get any this year. I was luck to get two bottles of the PVW 15 yr!. I hear there are still some bottles out there! Happy hunting!

    Just heard that BTAC is in the Virginia ABC warehouse. Shipping out to stores to the stores next week. Will only be available to the people who have special ordered the products. Will NOT be hitting the shelves. Good luck!

    agreed .. they should switch to a lottery or first come policy, then the managers could reward their loyal customers – fight the system, and drink bourbon

    Was in a couple of stores yesterday. Apparently Virginia has said no more special orders on the BTAC or the PVW lines. They want to clear off their wait list, which is 3-5 years long from some products. Once the list is clear they will start again. Sounds like a crappy way of doing business to me. I’m a regular at two local stores. Have not been able to get on a list for two years. I know there are people on the wait list who are just going to sell the bottle on the black market to turn a profit. Very frustrating. It’s becoming harder and harder for people who actually enjoy drinking these products to actually get a bottle.

    Maybe a stupid question but when is the best time to check a store for BTAC or Pappy to be put out for sale (if they do put them out)? When the doors open or later in the day?

    It all depends on where you are and who is running the store. Most retailers – not just alcohol – get shipments on Tuesdays. Getting to the store early is always best. Being a regular at the store goes a long way. Knowing when shipments comes in is always good information to have and can help you plan on when to show up and maximize your opportunity to run into a bottle.

    Just to second what Ryan said. Go in the store in person and ask when they get their shipments. Say you come in a lot and you’re hoping to track down some BTAC this year.

    Maybe ask them if it’s okay to give them a call on the days the get their shipments in. Most places won’t mind.

    Based on what people wrote earlier I go in every day around noon to several targets to see if anything has arrived. I don’t bother the staff because I figure they’ll just see me as a vulture and not a regular, which I’m not.

    For VA ABC, all but 2 stores get deliveries once a week. (usually Tuesday or Friday for most of the stores I frequent). I would suggest going in later in the day, it takes the staff a few hours to sort things out and get new stuff on the shelves. However, they probably wont actually but BTAC and PVW on the shelf anyway. Try to find an ABC store with lazy employees who would rather just sell the bottles rather than have to call people on the list… lol. Or maybe get a job at an ABC store??

    Blake, is it possible to reverse the order that messages appear? In other words make it so the latest message is the first one you see. These old, arthritic fingers have to do a lot of scrolling on this little phone to see the latest messages. Thanks, and keep up the great work. Nothing in Southwest Florida yet that I can find.

    PA had a second release of Handy and Stagg this morning. Both were very limited and gone in seconds. I did manage to get a Handy though. Great way to start the day.

    Did you receive an email letting you know? as I didn’t, so just curious if for some reason, I’m not on a particular list . . .

    I did get an email. Seems there was only about 30 people on it and I wonder if it’s because I bitched about how they handled the first go round with no notification. It wasn’t the standard PA mailing list. This was different.

    Unbelievable. I was apparently left off the list both times now. And I complained too after last week’s failure to send an email. I need to speak with someone again about this. Tight operation they are running here in PA.

    I sent an email that was never responded to but I also did the Live Chat thing online with a rep and let him know I was pretty pissed. Maybe that got me on the special email list? I’m really not sure how it happened, but that would be my best guess.

    Thanks. I am going to do the live chat thing today. I am also going to call the head of the e-commerce division. I called that moron weeks ago and was assured I was on the list.

    I was also on the second email list. I only complained once via email about no being notified the first time, although I was on the email list. This all makes me wonder if the Pappy email will be send out correctly. But even with the email chances are very slim. Last year I did get the email for the Pappy 15 year and I was still too late. What I like about the PA system is that the charge you normal price (sometimes even lower) and allow only 1 bottle per customer of the limited releases.

    Well a bit of luck today in anticipation of BTAC &/or PVW coming into New Jersey. I’ve been visiting several places each day, getting my face known, picking up a few simple items from each (not every day). One of them just displayed Angel’s Envy Cask today. Salesman told me 3 bottles came in yesterday & he sold 2 to one fella last night. I grabbed that last one for $169. The sales person was glad to see I knew of it & we chatted about BTAC coming in (maybe) & he said he’d let me know if they got anything. I’ll still show up everyday just in case.

    BTAC is live in Virginia! On my way to pick up a bottle of Sazerac that someone else decided not to purchase. Their loss, my gain!

    Retract my previous statement,, some stores do, or the guy this morning lied to me. Just picked up the last bottle of Handy Sazerac at a sugar land specs

    Went to my favorite mom and pop store in Western Wyoming last night to grab some beers. Behold! Three, count them, THREE bottles of 2014 George T. Stagg on the shelf. Right next to the Buffalo Trace. Out the door with 2 at just over $90 each, incl tax. I’ve never seen a BTAC bottle in person before, let alone tried one. I locked the door, turned out the lights and opened one as soon as I got home. Trick or treaters be damned! Absolutely blown away. I put my pants back on and headed right back to the store and bought the remaining bottle. I can’t wait to share it with my bourbon loving friends.

    FL Total Wines are still giving the same story about not seeing any until Feb. I know 2 local stores rec’v their small allocations, but they never made it to the shelf…

    I’m waiting for it to hit New Jersey. I’ve been doing my route everyday. Eight stores in the north. No one knows exactly when it’s coming. Maybe this week, maybe next. Maybe.

    Does anyone know where in South Carolina BTAC has been spotted?

    I talked to someone in a SC store yesterday, and they said it hadn’t come in yet.

    Scored a bottle of William Larue Weller in the Orange County drawing for North Carolina. Got to chose between Parkers 8th, George T, Saz 18, ER 17, Thomas Handy & WLW. Must have gotten lucky to draw early. Only 1 bottle per draw as the supplies are extremely limited according to the guy I spoke to.

    I here Specs in TX has btac in TX. Austins twin liquors is about to there allocation and its probably all going to wholesale. Its bullshit but i try my hardest to get it to retail so i don’t appreciate people calling me liar. Im begging to get it to people who actually should get it. Respect is everything and i feel abused and all ive done is try to get people what they want. Its a disgusting feeling and money doesn’t mean anything if you arent willing to trust another human.

    I do want i can in my position and if people are unwilling to understand then dont talk to me. Please let my heart receive peace. Ive taken my personal time to make things happen. Im angry and i dont want to be.

    Yes i have been disrespected by 2 different people on the forum. No my name was never said but who else are they referring to. Im in the industry and we are in a massive shortage and somehow people dont understand. I spend my personal time trying to obtain these excellent whiskeys and its so complex

    I was able to pick up a bottle of GTS on 11/3 at the FJ Liquor in copperfield. Paid $100 for it. I believe the owner got the bottle early through a survey program that BT does. Another liquor store owner that I know received a bottle of GTS two weeks ago. He actually returned it back to BT, saying that the survey was too onerous for an allocation of a single bottle.
    I’m still hoping that I can snatch a bottle of THS or WLW from Goody Goody.

    Blake, Do you know what’s up with Total Wine? Here in Charleston SC they got the biggest allocations of BTAC and PVW last year. This year it’s a clouded mess!! they are making it sound like they won’t get it this year. Hard to believe. Any ideas?

    BTAC looks to have come and gone at Total Wines in South Florida. And they’ve been appaling in how they’ve handled it. Some locations outright lied to me and said they weren’t getting, only to tell me this morning that they sold out yesterday.

    I feel like I’m getting the run around from Total Wine here in Columbia, SC as well. I know it’s here and I know their truck delivers on Wednesday but they’ve told me that it wasn’t on the truck. Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

    Just picked up a bottle of Stagg at the Total Wine in South Sarasota. I have been checking in there daily on my way home from work. Don’t feel like they were giving me the run around. I honestly think they couldn’t tell if and when they would be getting BTAC.

    Thank you! I was able to grab a Handy. Stagg was gone. Orlando stores apparently rec’v them yesterday, but i was told they didn’t last long.

    My local South Florida (Palm Beach County) Total Wine told me last week that they didn’t know when they would be getting BTAC but that they get their liquor deliveries on Wednesdays. Based on that I stopped in first thing today (Wednesday) and was told they they had gotten in “a bunch of it” including Stagg, Handy, and Eagle Rare on Monday and it sold out very quickly. Even while paying attention I missed it again… sigh.

    I’m curious how many people were told that a certain store wouldn’t get any BTAC or Pappy only to find out later that they did receive an allocation and sold out. I can think of 3 stores locally that did that to me. I don’t know when they’re going to realize that the bourbon community is so interconnected through social media that many times we know when stores received product and who was able to purchase bottles from specific stores. It’s so easy to catch stores lying these days. It’s not a good policy to treat customers like that. Any store that operates like that will never see a dime from me. Just tell the truth…the owner keeps it, first come first serve, waiting list, lottery, preferred customers, etc.

    Unfortunately, I just don’t think there’s a good way to do it. The lottery seems like the most fair way to me.
    … I’ve also heard of stores doing the ‘surprise’ on the shelf. If I was a store owner, that’s probably what I’d do. You want it? Come in my store, and maybe I’ll have thrown one out on the shelf.

    Wow, maybe my own experience with them is tainting my view in this thread, but it really looks like Total Wine is completely pooping the bed on this release this year. Such a shame. As Scott said, it’s not good policy to jerk customers around and lie to them. Whatever the policy is, just be honest about it so people either have a fair shot and can plan accordingly, or know that they have no shot and can leave you alone.

    Total Wine did the same thing last year in the Northeast where they had just expanded. The lesson I learned is that TW is a good place to buy cheap booze and thats it. Spend your real dollars at a local store that rewards customer loyalty. I can deal with not getting any BTAC, but dont lie to my face, which TW has done for two years running. At least Specs was honest and told me I didnt stand a chance, and I still do online business with them for some hard to get items like Weller 12.


    New Hampshire is official. I have a bottle of Stagg and a bottle of Saz 18 in my possession. The store that called me hadn’t gotten Weller yet and were allowing only two bottles per person.

    Definitely available in NH as of today. Sounds as though deliveries were limited to certain stores. Was able to score Stagg, Handy, ER, and Saz 18. No Weller to be found yet from anyone I’ve talked to. Some stores limiting to a single bottle of each per customer. Another store I heard allowed two bottles of each per customer as a friend walked out with two Staggs and Two Handys (ER and Saz gone by the time he got there). $79.99. They were handing out $25 Gift cards for each $150 spent which is a seasonal thing and a nice added bonus.

    I like the $25 dollar gift card bonus. By using a friend to buy for me, I was able to get 1 each of the four BTACs, a Pappy 10 and a 12. As far as anyone can tell me, NH is not getting the Weller’s at this time. I guess things can change.

    Who did you contact at the state for this “List”? Just the state liquor commission office? It used to be first come, but I was only able to get a Stagg Jr. and a EH Taylor Small Batch.


    I just used the product search part of the website a few months before I knew they were coming. I then emailed several of the bigger stores. It helps to know the state system well and to know which stores are the biggest. When I picked up my bottles of BTAC, they asked if I wanted Stagg, Jr. and EH Taylor. Since I was already spending several hundred, I turned them down. I know they are limited offerings, they just weren’t was I was looking for at this time.

    I doubt anyone checking this blog would be duped by this, but just a heads up, the Total Wine in Dallas off 75 and Park is calling customers who signed up on their “Btac/Pappy list” (evidently it’s all become the same thing to these big box retailers) and offering them bottles of George T. Stagg. I experienced this myself on Saturday to find a manager, David, shaking hands with customers then walking then to the back room, from which he emerges with a bottle of stagg jr wrapped up in paper and taped so the label is entirely disguised. I played dumb and asked “this is George T. Stagg?” He showed me the top of the bottle with the antlers and then reluctantly pulled back the tape and paper to show me only the back label and nodded “yes… You’re lucky to be offered this product” at which point, I told him where he could put that bottle of stagg jr and why. Caveat Emptor.

    Has anyone heard something from Mecklenburg County (NC)?… I heard from the marketing manager around the middle of October. He said some of these items had arrived, but not all of them. As soon as they are all in, they’ll be sending out an email blast like they did for the Pappy.
    Has anyone heard anything else? Seems like they should be ready to go by now.

    is anyone familiar with any of the liquor stores that received BTAC in Maine last year? I’m up there quite often and since I missed out on the NH run, I’d give that a shot.

    I was able to find a bottle of Thomas H Handy in south New Jersey yesterday. They had gotten the entire BTAC, but had sold out of everything else about a few hours before I got there. I stopped at four other stores on my way home and none of them had received any yet.

    I picked up a George T Stagg at Total Wines in West Orange, NJ yesterday morning. They sold out of the entire BTAC in about an hour and a half. 1 bottle per customer limit.

    In New Jersey some of the Shop Rite Liquors are getting the BTAC & PVW and they are doing the big time jack up prices. Saw today for typical $200-$400 for the BTAC’s and $300-$1600 for PVW’s.

    It just came and went today in Spokane. It doesn’t sound like it’s hit Bellingham yet. My guess is that is has come and gone in Seattle.

    Anyone know of absolutely any Weller hitting New Jersey whatsoever? Been fortunate enough to purchase (at cost, no mark-ups) PVW23, VW lot B, and GTS, but the elusive Weller seems to be M.I.A here in NJ. Anyone find success?

    Healthy Spirits in San Francisco did their annual blog/twitter/facebook blast last night about BTAC and some other releases. A friend who lives nearby got there within seven minutes and all BTAC was gone. (They had all five whiskies, not sure how many of each.)

    I’d go Stagg if you don’t mind spending the money. The ORVW10 is more along retail price than the Stagg but I really think Stagg is a much better bourbon than ORVW10

    PA just had the run on Pappy, web site was slowww, I was able to get a 15, a 12, and a 10 , anyone interested in trading I’m looking for George T Stagg or William Larue Weller.

    Just picked up a Stagg Jr. in buffalo NY today. Was on a list for the Stagg antique and owner called that this just came in, antique coming next week he thinks. They only received 1 bottle of the stagg jr.

    I picked up a second bottle of Pappy 23 today. I paid $399+tax, $431 in total. I’d consider trading for other BTAC bottles of equal retail value. For example, 4 bottles purchased at $100 each. Not interested in everything, but let me know what’s up. I’m in Upstate NY.

    Then what would have been the point of me buying the 23 in the first place? I got it to unlock other rare whiskeys that I cant just go to the store and buy. And also to keep it out of the hands of the scalpers who were running around my town buying up all the pappy.

    Where were you able to get a pappy 23 for $399 in upstate ny. Location and store would be appreciated. The best I could find is $110 for the orvw 10 and $130 for the lot b 12. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Those are good prices, I hope you pulled the trigger and didn’t let those go. By the way, nobody gives up their sources!


    If it’s still available, I have several BTACs, ORVW 10s and Lot B 12s. What combination would you want for the Pappy 23. I don’t have a WLW, but I have the other four, some in duplicates.


    OK… Who’s cryin Wolf?

    I have called 8 different shops (Just to check) & nobody has anything for the BTAC yet in NY or NYC.

    Who made the call??!

    Hey fellow Bourbon freaks!!

    Looking for some bottles of (3) CHARTER101, (1) WHITE DOG RYE MASH, (1) WHITE DOG WHEATED MASH.

    Can any body help a brother out? No trades – we’ll arrange something.


    $249.99 is SRP / Retail! Where do you get 219.00?

    Tragically the secondary market is what is driving the pricing. If you get a 23 for 500.00(ish) consider it a good deal.

    Too many retailers are watching the web & NYC prices thinking that there going to get the one high roller walking in and dropping that $1000.00. But, what so many don’t realize is that if you give a regular joe a good deal , they’ll earn a regular customer & make MORE money thru the year from them.

    Build your relationships guys!

    I put a message above, but if you still have the Pappy 23 available, I have all the BTACs (except WLW), a few Lot Bs and a few ORVW 10s. I would love to get my hands on a 23 for the right deal.

    Post your email address. I’ll send you an email and you can respond with your offer. But it will be tough without WLW. Also, no interest in the 10 or Lot B.

    If you don’t want 10s and 12s, I probably don’t have the ammo. I have 6 bottles of 2014 BTACs, but like I said, none are WLW.

    I am in the Boston area, but shipping wouldn’t be an issue for me. Would you be willing to do 1 Stagg and 1 Saz 18? If you need sweeteners. the only thing other than the 10s and 12s I have are Old Forester Birthday Bourbons. Let me know what you think. I can be reached at player676 @gmail.com if that’s an easier way to communicate.

    MJ, I have a 2014 Pappy 23 I’d be willing to trade for the right bottles. If we are within driving distance of each other maybe we can make a trade.

    Does anyone know if were getting more btac in NY? Stagg came with the pvw delivery and I heard a shop in Nassau got er17 also. My local shop that got 6 bots of pappy and 2 staggs said that’s it for him.

    Talked to a Kat in a store today. Mentioned something about the SAZARAC line changing distributors.

    Odd / Crap time to do it, but once the inventory gets into the hands of the NEW distributor, we should start seeing stuff.

    Hopefully soon.

    Utah finally released their Pappy (no 23) and BTAC today. The state received a little bit of everything but out of approximately 140 state stores / outlets only 6 or so stores got a share.
    I was lucky to pick up most of what I was after – WLW, Saz 18 and GTS. I did have to buy one item at a time, walk out to my car and then return – one BTAC item per purchase.
    Now on to the one of few advantages to state stores. My three BTAC items only cost $79.99 per
    bottle. The Pappy 15 was likewise $79.99 and the Pappy 20 was 149.99.

    ryan r
    I just checked with a few stores and the last of the Pappy sold out Tuesday (when everything was released in state) and the last bottle of BTAC went out the door Wednesday morning. It looks like the three Park City stores got their fair share with the Sidewinder getting the most. In Salt Lake all was gone Tuesday.
    If you are in Utah, you might want to talk to the manager of a store and find out when they get their deliveries because it best to be there when their door opens. It looks like Park City is trying to reorder on a smaller scale. Politely bugging the managers was my best bet.

    Dear everyone,

    I live in NYC and have a bunch of Stagg, van winkle 10, van winkle 12 and some interesting non btac bourbon (elijah craig 23, orphan barrel barterhouse) and Wedtvleteren 12 trappist beer. I am looking for pappy 20, pappy 23, Eagle rare 17 or WLWeller. Anyone want to make some trades?
    Email me at bernstd@gmail.com

    I live in NYC, and today picked up a bottle of the George T. Stagg and Thomas H. Handy. This was via store lottery, and only two bottles is what they would sell me and the bottles were their selections. They had a few bottles of the WLW and Saz 18, but were holding them for other lottery winners.

    Any sighting of BTAC in New York State? Have made some outreach without any confirmations to date. Would appreciate any assistances as to region that it was sighted. Thanks.

    I’m looking for Stagg and any other BTAC bottles. I have all of the 6 different van winkles to trade. You can respond at the e-mail I posted on Dec. 22.

    I don’t have anything personally, but I spoke to someone at Westmere Liquor Store in Albany today 1/5 who has Stagg AT MSRP $85. I can’t get up there myself so I figured I’d pass it along. Happy hunting!

    Well. My season is over anyway. Time to start paying the bill & start saving for next year…

    1) PVW 20
    2) PVW15
    3) VW12
    2) ORVW10
    3) GTS
    1) WLW
    3) Handy
    1) Saz 18 (2012 Vintage)

    I have a Sazerac 18 years and a Pappy Van Winkle that I would like to trade for a pappy Van Winkle 23 years I am in Allentown PA email me @pablo_gil61@yahoo.com

    We are at a point in the season where the mad rush for VW / BTAC is dying down. The Holidays are over. Gifts have been given. Good times have been had by all…
    SO, why do so many retailers still think they can get ludicrous prices for the BTAC / VW stocks? Now I understand and “get” that due to ridiculous demand and limited supply of the aforementioned products, there will naturally be an increase in “retail” price at the counter level. But, when a store has the audacity to charge $2999.99 (PVW 23 – Westchester Wine Warehouse, White Plains NY) when WE ALL KNOW that the product retails for only $249.99 (slp). That is not just gouging, its robbery & being wholly dishonest. You want to charge 40% over list ($416.65) – while still HIGH – its understandable due to the fanaticism the product is currently experiencing.
    We all need to make money to survive & thrive – it’s America – I get it. But when it’s at the condition of just being a Lowlife (and that’s WHAT, if you do decide to rape & pillage regarding the mark ups, you are being!!). You might want to re-evaluate the your business practices, especially if you have to resort to this sort of thievery to survive.
    Now retail is the “honest” way to go (give or take 1040 % – varying mark ups)… but the secondary market… THEY are the “flippers” (we all know what they ARE & how we feel about them!). Ultimately, in an ideal world, there would be no secondary market,. Those of us who purchase the product would do so out of love & enjoyment.
    How do you stop the “flippers”?… Well stop buying form them. If you stop feeding the beast – it will die. As an educated consumer of any taste & intelligence, you know retail vs. ludicrous.
    The more serious issue begins when the Retailers surpass the secondary market (see below) and truly begin to harm the idea & name of the product.
    Now I get that there are several fine examples of the Buffalo Trace products on the shelves year round (I enjoy ALL of them). But come the fall, we consumers look forward to the special releases. Some even save all year to obtain them (like Me), but when I walk into a shop to try & purchase these special releases, how do you think I feel when I’m confronted with the prices listed below?
    Surprised? Disappointed? Insulted?
    These are prices well outside the realm of the average bourbon enthusiast. We save all year hoping to afford a Pappy (any of them) & the retailer just makes them unreasonable & out of reach. If we do purchase them – the 10 or 12 – (usually on a credit card), we’re afraid to drink them – which leads to the same issue of not being able to afford them. Why spend the money if we can’t use the product?
    The retailer is hoping for that “BIG HIT” – but that’s not how you run a successful business. You cultivate a following by being honest.
    Charging so far above retail is NOT, IN ANY WAY shape or form – Honest.
    Just trying to be part of the solution.
    Mike James
    Below is listing of the current prices being charged in the Lower Hudson Valley NY as of 1/9/15:
    ORVW10 — Retail: $39.99 / 2nd Market: $200.00 –> $275.00
    Star Wines (Monroe, NY): $399.99 — 1000% Mark Up over Retail
    Arlington Wines (Poughkeepsie, NY): $500.00 — 1200% Mark Up over Retail
    Sterling Cellars (Mahopac, NY): $399.99 — 1000% Mark Up over Retail
    Westchester Wines (White Plains, NY): $399.99 — 1000% Mark UP over Retail
    WV12 “LoT B” — Retail: $54.99 / 2nd Market: $250.00 –> $300.00
    Suburban Wines (Yorktown, NY): $399.99 — 750% Mark Up over Retail
    Star Wines (Monroe, NY): $499.99 — 900% Mark Up over Retail
    Arlington Wines (Poughkeepsie, NY): $600.00 – 1100% Mark Up over Retail
    Sterling Cellars (Mahopac, NY): $499.99 – 900% Mark Up over Retail
    Westchester Wines (White Plains, NY): 699.99 – 1300% Mark Up over Retail
    VW Reserve 13 RYE – Retail: $69.99 / 2nd Market: $600.00
    Star Wines (Monroe, NY): $849.99 – 1300% Mark Up over Retail
    PVW15 – Retail: $79.99 / 2nd Market: $650.00
    Suburban Wines (Yorktown, NY): $699.99 – 900% Mark Up over Retail
    Star Wines (Monroe, NY): $899.99 – 1100% Mark Up over Retail
    Sterling Cellars (Mahopac, NY): $899.99 – 1100% Mark Up over Retail
    Westchester Wines (White Plains, NY): $999.99 – 1300% Mark Up over Retail
    PVW20 – Retail: $129.99 / 2nd Market: $750.00  $800.00
    Star Wines (Yorktown, NY): $1299.99 – 1000% Mark Up over Retail
    Arlington Wines (Yorktown, NY): $1500.00 – 1200% Mark Up over Retail
    Sterling Cellars (Mahopac, NY): $1299.99 – 1000% Mark Up over Retail
    Westchester Wine (White Plains, NY): 1299.99 – 1000% Mark Up over Retail
    PVW23 – Retail: $249.99 / 2nd Market: $1200.00  $2000.00
    Star Wines (Yorktown, NY): $1999.99 – 800% Mark Up over Retail
    Arlington Wines (Poughkeepsie, NY): $2500.00 – 1000% Mark Up over Retail
    Sterling Cellars (Mahopac, NY): $1999.99 – 800% Mark Up over Retail
    Westchester Wine (White Plains): $2999.99(!?!?) – 1200% Mark Up over Retail
    George T Stagg – Retail: $80.00 / 2nd Market: $250.00
    Arlington Wines (Poughkeepsie, NY): $399.99 – 400% Mark Up over Retail
    Sterling Cellars (Mahopac, NY): $389.99 – 400% Mark Up over Retail
    Westchester Wines (White Plains, NY): $499.99 – 600% Mark Up over Retail
    Eagle Rare 17 – Retail: $80.00 / 2nd Market: $275.00
    Star Wines (Monroe, NY): $499.99 – 600% Mark Up over Retail
    Arlington Wines (Poughkeepsie, NY): $499.99 – 600% Mark Up over Retail
    Thomas Handy – Retail: $80.00 / 2nd Market: $180.00
    Arlington Wines (Poughkeepsie, NY): $399.99 – 400% Mark Up over Retail
    Sterling Cellars (Mahopac, NY): $299.99 – 300% Mark Up over Retail
    Westchester Wine (White Plains, NY): $499.99(!?!?) – 500% Mark UP over Retail
    Sazarac 18 – Retail: $80.00 / 2nd Market: $300.00
    Arlington Wines (Poughkeepsie, NY) $599.99(!?!?) – 700% Mark Up over Retail

    I strongly agree with your last point. It’s hard to believe the greed or insanity of the liquor store that charges well above secondary market prices just to have those bottles sit around forever when they could charge double or even triple msrp and probably sell everything within a few weeks.


    Just an FYI…

    This email was sent to Mark & Preston @ Buff Trace / VW. They themselves are also very frustrated by this an are doing all they can to stop it. Their advice is “If you find a store “price Gouging”, report them to the BBB and your county legislature”.

    We have to get a grassroots movement stared. Starve the flippers!! Hopefully the retailers will catch on & straighten out as well.


    Not to trying to play devils advocate but what does reporting them to BBB or county legislature do? They’re not breaking any laws by pricing it high. I guess BBB would be a better option since they’re not conducting business in a fair manner?

    Direct recommend from the guys Buffalo Trace. They are NOT happy about this. They feel that the product is fairly priced and there is no reason that everyone who wants to enjoy shouldn’t be able to. This idea of pricing the stuff out of all but a small percent of peoples range… is just, well, wrong.

    Check out WINE SEARCHER — Stuff is priced to a ridiculous degree… been sittin’ for weeks.

    GO drink EC12, Willet Pot Still, EW Single & Rittenhouse!!!!

    I’m fairly new to this hunt and agree with all the comments including Blake’s, this is our market system. We can all report it to whomever we wish, but then how many consumers check the BBB before we conduct business? without the hype would Pappy and Antique Collection have such a following? Therefore, BT probably is not too upset with the gouging by the stores and flippers. I too have listed on Botlespot to sell what I have acquired, but that is to so I can purchase other stuff I can get, including ECBP, ETL….not just the allocated stuff. So how is the secondary market any different than the gouging by some? It really isn’t as far as I am concern. Even if I wish to trade my acquisitions, the potential partner will value their ware base on the so call secondary market asking price, rather than the SRP or some more reasonable value. Personally, this hype will also pass and we will be able to drink what we want someday. Will I continue my fall bourbon hunt, no doubt, I just have to establish a limit on what I am willing to pay and how much I want it. Just my 2 cent.

    Exactly. I’m sure BT and the Van Winkles don’t like it but if they really wanted to they could hold back allocations from stores. They get $$$ of free advertising because of the scarcity/rarity. Why would they want to stop that? Even if they did stop allocating to gougers what happens when someones mad they didn’t get a bottle and they report a store for gouging that wasn’t actually gouging?

    The secondary has a purpose. I wouldn’t have gotten a ’14 WLW if it wasn’t for the secondary. I didn’t like the price but at least I had the option instead of just being out of luck

    BT & VW have NO control over who gets what. It’s the distributors. BT & WV are lobbying in NYS to get the laws changed. Right now, based upon the laws in place, a retailer is entitled to the same allocation year to year – these are the guys doing the gouging (most of them). BT & VW would like to be able to determine the allocations, but due to the distributor (3 tire system), they cannot.

    One of the regular shops I frequent got me a 15VW for $129.99 back in December (great price considering). He called Friday (2/27/15) to say he finally got his BTAC allotment in (Lower NYS has a new distributor) —- All they got were 2 GTS… $399.99 Each!!??

    I have 8 bought 8 bottles of the BTAC this year — NEVER paid over $129.99 for them. I fear for us all…

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