2018 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Map

Please Read: Each state is highlighted when one bottle is reported in that state. There’s a good chance that means that store, and a lot of times that city, is already sold out. This map isn’t an official release tracker from Buffalo Trace. This is a network of bourbon drinkers looking to help each other. Stores are dealing with smaller allocations and greatly increased demand. Please be understanding of this fact. Happy Hunting!

Bourbon season is upon us! This is the 6th annual Bourbon Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Map! If you’re unfamiliar with the map, here’s how it works. I highlight each state when the antique collection is released in that state. Remember, distribution can be tricky. Because it was released in part of the state doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. The release map is another tool to help in your BTAC hunt.

For more info and to find other bourbon hunters join the Bourbonr Facebook group. I try to add the city which was reported if you hover over each state. If you’re new to bourbon hunting red this: “How to Hunt Bourbon” This is a community-driven map. If you find a bottle please shoot me an email at Blake @ Bourbonr.com. Make sure to include your state as well as a picture of the bottle. I welcome any tips about state releases as well (bonus points for information about Florida 🙂 )!

Considerations of the BTAC release map:

  • Not everyone likes it or finds it helpful. It’s not perfect. Flippers may use the map.
  • It may not find a bottle of George T Stagg for you. Understand the odds of getting bottles are slim. There are tons of other great bourbons on the market.
  • This is another tool to help you with your bourbon hunt. Bourbon hunting gets more difficult every year.
  • I still believe the release maps provide useful information. And, I enjoy the community that they help build. Because of that, I continue to, dedicate time to them every fall. With that said, Happy Hunting!

2018 BTAC

Release Dates:

10/9 – First release of the year is in North Carolina!

10/15 – BTAC hits Wisconsin and Maine

10/17 – Illinois sees its first BTAC of the year. Now it’s in Georgia.


    Grew up in Louisville and live in Columbus Ohio. I am stalking about 8 different sites between those 2 metro areas – and not even bothering with the big chains.
    Will post if I see or hear anything

    I’m in Columbus as well. Keeping an eye on various sites and stores. Don’t expect to get anything but it’s fun to hunt. Cheers.

    I’m in Columbus too. Where does everyone generally look for harder to find bourbons? I usually go to Weilands, but they don’t seem to have the selection they used to.

    Liquor Barn in Beaumont Kentucky is doing their lottery this Saturday 10/18/2018, first 1000 ppl in line get wrist bands to the lottery. Wristbands handed out from 7:30am-9am. drawing at 9:05am. Wrists bands do not guarantee a btl. Happy hunting! I’m in cbus as well, Go Bucks!!!

    I emailed the DOLC and they said:
    “We unfortunately have no information when this product will arrive in Ohio. When the product arrives, it will be distributed to customers via lottery. For up to date information on Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and other products, please register for the Insiders Bulletin”

    VA has already released William Larue Weller and Thomas H. Handy earlier this month (September) via a statewide lottery. According to the VA ABC web-site, there were 8,115 entries for 31 bottles of Weller and 5,374 entries for 70 bottles of Handy. That lottery is closed and winners have already been notified. I was not among the “lucky few”!

    That would have been from the 2017 release that they held back. Probably because BT wouldn’t send them more with bottles sitting in the warehouse

    Correct. BTAC in VA was waitlisted. A couple bottles finally fulfilled the list. Weller, handy and GTS. The remaining bottles finally went to lotto to get them out of the warehouse. VA ABC sucks

    thank you. I manage a bev program in Philly and have been checking every monday for the opening of the lottery, that guy almost gave me a heart attack. FYI Pa usually does Pappy in November and last year there were 78000 people in that lottery. My bar won one bottle of the 20 year. Sigh.

    I thought it was interesting that they did not give the number of bottles this year for most of the BTAC. Sounds like there will be fewer of everything except the ER 17 (where there was almost none of it last year), but that is just a supposition on my part.

    Unfortunately, MA always gets it after most other states, so we have to watch (enviously) while you all start enjoying it. Happy Hunting!

    Per another site I follow, here are the 2018 estimates:
    WLW – 17,179
    Handy – 14,548
    Sazerac – 2,532
    GTS – 37,111
    ER – 1,627

    There is a Liquor store in Newport Rhode Island that has at least 5 or 6 bottles of each (not this years release) and when I say they are over priced that is putting it nicely. I could not believe what I saw when I was in there and I dont know how they continue to get bottles from their distributor. Such a shame.
    Vickers Liquors, Bellevue Ave

    Interesting…I bought a bottle from them a couple years ago (not a highly allocated bourbon) and though steep it was not that overpriced for what it was (a shelf-sitter not likely to have attracted much demand or attention). But I agree, looking at their price list just about everything’s inflated. Newport is and always has been a very rich town so I guess they can charge what they think the market will pay :-/

    Pay attention to your stores delivery dates. I got lucky last year. Same day got a Handy first time ever and then a GTS at another store. At reasonable prices. I’m in stalking position.

    I happened to be in a liquor store in Frankfort when their weekly BT delivery came in – regular Eagle Rare and Blanton’s. So not this week in Kentucky.

    It’s all bullshit.
    The only people getting this stuff is the owners of the distributors, friends of the people at the liquor store, or rich people who can afford to pay $1000 for a bottle of this stuff.
    Those of us who love the Buffalo Trace whiskeys are fucked.

    Don’t give up hope… miracles do happen! I scored a Pappy 23 2 years ago from a local store lottery – I was contacted while boarding my flight back to Dallas, Texas from Las Vegas after losing half my ass gambling.

    What store was that? I’m in Dallas, and am always looking to at least find a way in that doesn’t involve buying $10,000 worth of booze from the store.

    You do realize how much it’s changed in 2 years don’t you? Two years ago I won a WLW in a store lottery but fat chance that’s happening again any year soon. The guy above who said this is all B.S. is pretty spot on.

    I don’t disagree. Privately owned stores in my metropolitan area are consistently marking up BTAC by 5x (if the bottles hit the shelf at all). lottos are a better avenue, but with 8000+ entries for maybe 100 BTAC bottles total, odds aren’t great.

    Headed to rural Kansas next week, maybe I’ll luck out with something but not counting on it.

    I was at a store in Illinois that had a bottle of Thomas Handy. It was last years with a price tag of $499. Wonder why it’s still there! Haha!

    I called Buffalo Trace today and was told nothing in the antique collection has been released yet this year,it’s possible it could ship to some states this week but once it gets in the pipeline it will still take about a week to get to stores.hope this saves somebody some wasted time this week looking for them.

    I’ll be at the distillery next week and will get all the information I can. I know they don’t sell the Antique Collection there, but hopefully Louisville will get some stock. Will post again next week when I find out more.

    Apparently GTS and William Larue Weller are in KY based on an email I got for a new Liquor Barn location opening up this weekend- Springhurst Grand Opening Celebration
    Saturday, October 13, 2018-

    Wristbands for this lottery-style release will be handed out from 7:30 am until 9 am. At 9:05 am the drawing will begin!
    Wristbands will be distributed to the first 1,000 people in line. Must be 21+ to receive a wristband. A wristband does not guarantee a bottle. Limit one bottle per person.
    Angels Envy Cask
    Blade & Bow 22 Year
    E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof
    E.H. Taylor Single Barrel
    Four Roses 130th Anniversary
    George T. Stagg
    Stagg Jr. Barrel Proof
    King of Kentucky
    O.K.I. 12 Year Liquor Barn Select
    Larceny Barrel Proof Single Barrel
    Makers Mark Bu 1-3 (375ml)
    Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel
    Old Fitzgerald 11 Year BIB
    Old Fitzgerald 14 Year BIB
    Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year
    Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year
    Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year
    Rip Van Winkle 10 Year
    Rip Van Winkle 12yr Lot B
    Rhetoric 24 Year Bourbon
    Rock Hill Farms
    Russell’s Reserve 2002 114.6 Proof
    Weller 107
    Weller 12 Year (1.75L)
    Weller 12 Year
    William Larue Weller
    Woodford Reserve Batch Proof

    I didn’t think these were Antique Collection bottles from BT. I wanted to go, but had to work. No matter, this was an excellent opportunity for getting hands on some rare finds!

    Liquor Barn does a lottery. You can sign up for their newsletter to get notified.
    There’s a Pappy release at Beaumont this Saturday.

    Unless you’re a valued customer at many of these stores, they will always say that, knowing very well if they are getting any. Not for just anybody, of course!

    BTAC has already come and gone from NC. I’m friends with a store manager and their board got 9 bottles. They didn’t sell a single one to any customers. It all got set aside for restaurants/board members/managers.

    I live in GA and my usual liquors stores that I have developed a relationship with are getting squeezed by their distributors to buy a certain amount of what-ever or do private barrel picks in order to get a few bottles of allocated stuff. These are smaller stores and do not markup their allocated bottles that they do get which is why I give them my business over larger stores that do get hard to find bottles. Still hopeful I’m lucky to get something on smaller raffles or store lotterys

    Except when you go there the following morning, as their opening their doors and ask the main liquor guy, his response of “haven’t seen it yet”, is what 99% of people will hear! And I shop here regularly. Well, I did…

    Called today and they said they haven’t received anything yet or have anything from last year. Can you validate it was Discount Liquor in Waukesha?

    I have a chance to buy a bottle of WLW(2018) and GTS(2017) for $600 total. Is that a good price? Seems high to me, but I am new to the hunt!

    Blake, Jonathan brought up a good point. His $600 sounds like a steal! You should do a survey for ROI on the bourbon “dysfunctional” hunt. How many hours does an average 40 YO guy put in annually. How much do you lose in lost productivity and related costs. How much do you actually gain over aftermarket? Is it better to pay the aftermarket rates like we do ticket scalpers, or do we save $$$ and the shame of meeting with a therapist because we have something to do? When the economy retreats, there will be great bourbon in the street again!

    BTAC available in NC ABC stores but you better have a good relationship with the managers. GTS, THS, WLW and ER17. Haven’t heard of any Sazarac 18 in the state.

    What county are you referring to in NC? I can only speak to Forsyth and there is no BTAC in those stores yet regardless of any relationship.

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