Distillery Summary – Part 2

The distillery summaries were created to help you easily keep track information. They highlight three key factors for a distillery: Mash Bill(s), Barrel Entry Proof and Barrel Char Level. While there are a lot of important factors when it comes to bourbon these three play an influential role in bourbon’s flavor. It should also be noted that most of these are unofficially confirmed. Four Roses happily supplies their mash bill percentages however most distilleries keep that information a little closer to the chest.

As a refresher here is part one of the distillery summary:

Mash-Bills_1 (1)

Distillery Summary – Part 2

Mash-Bills_2 (1)

Mash Bill Breakdown:

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Heaven Hill Distillery







    Just curious if you know of where Willett is getting their Family Estate ? Is it coming from Heaven Hill right next door? A lot of people think so and i’m just looking for some insight Because the pricing of their stuff is pretty high priced

    I believe they’ve sourced from pretty much everyone over the years. Majority of their product (especially current products) come from Heaven Hill

    I only ask because I have probably the most extensive collection of KBD/ WFE releases and have no idea where they were sourced other than my gem 27yr SW sourced juice bottled for Binny’s.

    I would love to hear and read more about rickhouse/warehouse storage placement and how that affects a bourbons flavor profile….also, weather/climate conditions….they say that the Colonel E. H. Taylor tornado surviving bottles were extra delicious because of the way they were exposed to the elements after the tornado damaged the side of the rickhouse where they were stored…fascinating stuff……..I can’t see why these major distilleries can’t replicate those weather conditions in an actual rickhouse with the same effect, like mother nature could do….just with the advent of modern technology. ……..create man made atmospheric conditions…lol…to enhance flavor profiles of their whiskeys…..why wait for mother nature to do it when you could (probably) do it your damn self!

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