Smooth Ambler to (Temporarily) Discontinue Rye

Smooth Ambler Out of Rye Whiskey

I try to ignore the “whiskey shortage” post as much as possible but this one hits a little too close to home. Smooth Ambler consistently lands on the Bourbonr best buy lists and their cask strength rye is one of my personal favorites. John Little, the Vice President of Smooth Ambler, announced Wednesday on their Facebook page that they were running out of rye whiskey stock (sourced from MGPI). This is obviously a good problem to have when you’re a craft distiller but as consumers this is the last thing we want to hear.


smooth ambler rye

Highlights from the announcement:

“select iterations of Old Scout Rye will be available sporadically at our Gift Ship and in small allocations throughout some of our distribution area.”

“We will begin to release older, judiciously-selected whiskey of rare quality and limited quality”

Bourbonr note: This is exciting! I’d love to try a 10 year old Very Old Scout Rye

“At this time there is NO supply issue with regular Old Scout, Old Scout 10, Contradiction or Revelation Rum”

“Our housemade bourbon, after six long summers in the rickhouse, will be released this fall”

Smooth Ambler rye fb



    Oh nooooo!!! I hate to hear that, but good thing I have a standard 7yr OS Rye, plus two single barrels, both 8yr, from Astor Wines and the SmokyBeast, respectively. Should hold me over, but I might go grab some anyway. Great Stuff Smooth Ambler and great site Blake…Still waiting to try the Bourbonr Blantons!!! Thanks

    I think I’ll need to snag a few bottles while they’re still on shelves around here!

    I *am* excited to try their own bourbon when it’s available soon, though.

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