2016 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition Announced

It’s time for fall releases information to roll out. A perennial favorite is the Small Batch Limited Edition from Four Roses. They combine recipes from their ten different mash bills for the release. Here are the recipes Four Roses used for the 2016 Small Batch:

2016 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition mash bill

This year’s release is made up of three mash bills: OBSV – 12-year, OESO – 12-year and OESK – 16-year. The bottleĀ denotes 110 proof, but that is most likely just a placeholder. Expect to see this release around the second week of September. Four Roses SmBLE has been consistently great. I don’t expect anything less from this release.


    Sounds nice. Let me know if you see any on a shelf anywhere šŸ™‚

    The only time I’ve seen SBLE is in bars.

    I’ve never seen any either. Or any special release from Four Roses. Too much corruption and just outright lying in the retail stores to find anything like that.

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