2016 Spring/Summer Bourbon Releases

Most Bourbonr’s know that fall is prime time for bourbon. Each fall we’re greeted with new releases alongside our favorite annuals. While fall gets most of the good stuff spring and summer of 2016 is shaping up to be a great season for bourbon drinkers. Here’re what’s coming.

Booker’s Rye

Booker’s Rye is first on the list for a reason. It’s the release I’m most excited about. I love Booker’s, and I like rye. What do you get when you marry the two? A $299 price tag. The details are still unconfirmed on this one. Here’s what we think the release will be. A 13-year-old rye whiskey that’s close to 140 proof. It will be limited to around 6,000 bottles so you may want to start putting in your order with your local retailer. It should start hitting store shelves (or back offices) in June.

Booker's rye

Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition

That’s right. After taking 2015 off the Four Roses SBLE is back. It now carries the name of new Master Distiller, Brent Elliot. More details about this release here. It’s set to be released in early June.

2016 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition

Bulleit Barrel Strength

bulleit barrel proof

WhistlePig 15-Year Vermont Estate Oak

The other aged rye in the lineup is the WhistlePig 15-year. Expect this bottle on the shelf in early May. If you’re looking for more details and my thoughts on the release, you can read them here.

WhistlePig 15 year vermont estate oak rye

E.H. Taylor Seasoned Wood

EH Taylor Seasoned Wood has already started popping up across the country. This non-age stated wheated bourbon took an early lead as “most sought after spring release.” However, the buzz has slowed ever so slightly. It’s still a great bourbon that will be hard to find. If you’re looking for more details and my thoughts on the release, you can read them here.
EH Taylor Seasoned Wood Bottle & Canister

Wild Turkey Decades

Following the release of Master’s Keep, Wild Turkey is ready to launch a new bourbon “Decades”. It’s a blend of bourbons aged 10-20 years. It will be released in early May. If you want more details, listen to Bourbon Pursuits interview with Wild Turkey Ambassador, Matt Gandolfo.

Wild Turkey decades

High West Yipee Ki-Yay

With a bottle and label straight from an old western High West is ready to release their blend of finished whiskies. It should be released sometime and May and is already available at the distillery. Here are the details of the release:

One day, just for fun, we put some rye whiskey into barrels originally used to age wine. When we mixed the ‘vermouth-ed’ (Vya, Madera, CA) and the ‘syrah-ed’ (Qupé Santa Maria, CA) we discovered an all-natural, not disgustingly sweet whiskey for the rest of us.


I hope everyone is ready for spring bourbon hunting! Which release will you chase?



    Taylor seasoned wood has popped up at the NC coast. Limited supply and rationed. We’ll see if it makes its way inland.

    Seasoned Wood arrived at the Gamlin Whiskey House in St. Louis. They put it on the bar last Wednesday after our Missouri Whiskey Society meeting.

    Lukas Liquors got theirs last Friday and had a release “party” for it. They got a case of it and kept two for the tasting bar and raffled off the four others. During the party, it was $10 a pour and I believe it’s $15 a pour now, if they still have it. I had myself 3 pours. It was good, sweet like the wheaters are, but it still tasted like Taylor to me.

    Found a Seasoned Wood and it’s really not impressive unless you’re an EHT collector. I really like Yipee (got from the gift shop) but people who taste it are 50/50 about it; it’s got alot of the flavor from the barrels it was finished in, not just a hint. I’m most looking forward to the WP 15 and the new FR Single Barrel LE!

    I’m looking forward to the Yippee Ki-Yay. I figure I love all the rest of High West’s catalogue so YKY should be a no-brainer.
    Also looking forward to getting some Sazarac 18 year rye… finally. I emailed Buffalo Trace and they kindly answered back saying they release it every September. Also sent a list of who will sell it in NJ.

    Booker’s $$ is LUDICROUS(!!) to say the least – Fred hit his head! Four Roses NEVER(!) impresses me (good stuff, but never more than “good”). Bulleit = Diageo Shite! WhistlePig – Eh! – Shifty provenance. EH Taylor Seasoned Wood = Smoked & Mirrors Whiskey — Keep it. WT Decades – We’ll see. HW Yipee — No interest.

    After our Missouri Whiskey Society meeting earlier this month at the Gamlin Whiskey House in St. Louis, they brought out a bottle of seasoned wood and took it to the bar for members to have first chance to buy a shot. I did not try it as I am hoping to get a bottle. Comments from those who had it were positive.

    I found some Weller 12 at Frisky Whiskey last week in West Point, Ga., which is right across the state line!

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