Updated: Evolution Of A Bourbon Drinker

Bourbon – As You Like It

It’s hard to believe but I wrote this post almost three years ago. On one hand, the bourbon world has changed a lot. On the other hand, it’s funny how much hasn’t changed. I thought it would be fun to revisit and revise this post.

In September 2014, Whisky Advocate’s Jonny McCormick wrote an article titled “Whisky – As You Like it”. This article was his whisky adaption of William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. If you haven’t read McCormick’s “Whisky – As You Like it” (link has been taken down by WA) it’s well worth the time. Below is a quote from McCormick’s article. read more

I Call It “Small Batch”

Small Batch is a term ingrained in bourbon’s DNA. It’s a term I often glance over on the back of labels these days. Almost every brand has “Small Batch” on a label in their portfolio. It seems like every new release is “a handcrafted Small Batch” bourbon. But, what does it mean? read more

Review: Knob Creek 25th Anniversary

This is the review for Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Bourbon. This is a new format for Bourbonr. For this review, I’ve included a live review I did on the Bourbonr Facebook group. Forgive the awkward fumbling and pauses. It seems so much more natural live 🙂 I do these reviews live and taste for the first time. I like to get my first reaction to a bourbon instead of taking the time to think about it. After the review, I go back and taste again and see how I feel. For the tasting part two, I’ll include my thoughts below the video. read more

Come Join Me At The Orlando Whiskey Festival

Come join me this weekend at the Orlando Whiskey Festival! This will be the second year I’ve gone to this festival and it really was a great event. Last year, I sampled William LaRue Weller, George T. Stagg, Whistle Pig Vermont, 2015 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition, Willett 11-year private barrel and Old Forester Birthday Bourbon just to name a few. I know the taste list will be even better this year. If you’re in the Central Florida area (or willing to travel) you won’t want to miss this. read more

Inside A Sourced Bourbon

Sourced products are one of the most controversial topics in bourbon. Mainly because some brands choose to use deceptive tactics. This is the story of how it all works.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I worked with Manifest Distilling in the Winter of 2016 to source a 10-year product. This story really starts close to three years ago when I met a local whiskey enthusiast via Bourbonr, Scott Kennelly. Long story short, he became one of the founding members of Manifest Distilling and introduced me to another founder and Head Distiller David Cohen. Like drinking buddies do, we often discussed what we liked and didn’t like about the industry and what products we’d like to try.  As Manifest planned their distillery opening, the option to source a product kept coming up. Craft distilleries are forced to walk a tight line in the early years. Release a product too young and you may lose customers. However, cash is king and most businesses aren’t positioned to sit and wait for 3-4 years with little to no revenue. read more

I Was Wrong: Old Forester 1920 Review

Spoiler alert. I was wrong about Old Forester 1920. If you follow Bourbonr you probably know that I’m not a fan of Brown-Forman. Nothing against the company as a whole. As far as I can tell they run a great organization. They’re responsible for some of the most popular whiskeys in the market (Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, and Old Forester to name a few). However, I’ve never loved anything they put out. I pick up a yearly Old Forester Birthday Bourbon but it seems to have decreased since 2013 with an increased price tag. You can read my review of Old Forester 1870 here. Because of my experience with other Old Forester bottles, I was hesitant to try the “Whiskey Row” series. read more

The Story Behind Single Cask Nation

There are many brands and distilleries out there. Part of the fun of Bourbonr is exploring some of the more interesting parts of the world of whiskey. Single Cask Nation (and the Whisky Jewbilee events) is one I’ve been followed for quite some time. They consistently release some of the most sought after private barrels on the market. They also put on a large whisky festival in multiple cities every year. What I like most is they’ve created their own model for how to deliver great whiskey to their customers. I decided to reach out to Joshua Hatton at Single Cask Nation (SCN) and he was kind enough to tell the SCN and Whisk Jewbilee story. read more

What Affects A Bourbon’s Taste?

With fall bourbon season over it’s time to get back to what I love writing about on Bourbonr. The nerdiness behind bourbon. Chasing limited editions is fun. But, I’d rather help Bourbonr’s expand their knowledge of bourbon. That’s what today’s post is about. We’re looking at the bourbon process and how the different processes affect taste.

Even with large improvements in automation bourbon flavor is still more of an art than a science. This is why Master Distillers spend a lot of time taste testing different barrels (tough job!). Here is how the following processes affect the taste of bourbon. This is a look from 10,000 feet. Each segment could fill an encyclopedia with information ( read more

2016 Bourbonr Whiskey of the Year

As you may remember, we opened up voting for the Bourbonr Whiskey of the Year (WOTY) last week. While I’m sure, you won’t see a sticker on a bottle anytime soon with the words “Bourbonr Gold Medalist” this award is significant. It’s significant because it was awarded by you, the readers. Each year we open up the voting for Bourbonr WOTY. read more